Devware & Devware PRO Bundle | PowerPoint

DEVWARE for the perfect Agency or Developers Presentation

This Presentation is perfect for your Agency or your next Application or you can use it for both :)
2800×1800 pixel for RETINA-HD

+ 30 animated MASTER Pages
+ 20 Photoshop editable Icons
+ Easy & Fast change the Text, Images and Colors
+ Free Fonts are including (Link)
+ iPhone & iMac Images are including
+ Other Backgrounds if you like

Watch the Video and see the animation

Images that i used:

Interface that i used:

Music that i used:

Devware Pro · The perfect presentation for your Creative Agency & Application Developers

  • 70 animated MASTER Pages Light Version
  • 70 animated MASTER Pages Dark Version
  • in 2 different resolutions 4:3 & 16:9
  • Icons, iMac, iPhone & Backgrounds
  • Easy & Fast change the Text, Images and Colors
  • Master Slides animated (means you don’t have spend time for the animation
  • This contains the final pack:

    4:3 & 16:9
    3 Mood Backgrounds & 1 Black
    Light and Dark Version Included
    Help & Font File

    Images that i used are not included

    Special Thanks to AmethistLab for the music
    here is the file

    Special Thanks to Vibrione for the Interface Design
    here is the file



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Pixel Dimensions 2800x1800